Culinary genomics – a groundbreaking combination of nutrigenomics and the culinary arts – is leading the new conversation in food

As interest grows in personalized nutrition, our comprehensive Genomic Kitchen courses offer a direct path to uniting the science of personalized health and medicine with the kitchen.

The Genomic Kitchen opens the door for you to explore both Nutrigenomics and its partner, Culinary Genomics, providing you with new and exciting ways to guide and inform the clients you educate, serve or cook for.

Healthcare Professionals

Our courses introduce you to the basic elements of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. We combine these exciting disciplines with nutrition science, nutrition education and culinary translation, providing you with a refreshing new toolbox of educational resources that support your clients on their personal health journey.

Our self-paced, self-study courses are accredited by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (USA). Choose from our foundational Genomic Kitchen Professional course (16 CPEs) or our Culinary Genomics Certificate Course (24 CPEs). Click on the courses below to learn more. Enroll when you are ready and simply make your way through either course at your own pace. Let us know when you are done and we’ll email you your certificate of completion. We invite you to join the private Facebook group associated with our courses. Here you can ask questions, interact with other students and alumni and read the current science we are posting. Just sent us a note to request an invite to join the group.

Culinary Professionals

The Genomic Kitchen Course for Chefs is an online, self-paced program accredited with 8 Continuing Education Hours by the American Culinary Federation. In this course, we explain how genes influence health and the role of specific ingredients in supporting their function. We then introduce you to an Ingredient Toolbox which we systematically unpack for the duration of the course. We alternate between simple scientific explanations and culinary insights which focus on culinary preparation and techniques that enhance the nutrient value of these ingredients. This course taught by an expert in nutrigenomics and a classically trained chef, invites you to explore where the cutting edge of nutrition and the culinary arts meet, placing chefs firmly at the healing and wellness table. This is the new frontier where culinary medicine meets health.

For more information about either of these courses, please email us: [email protected]