Welcome to The Genomic Kitchen

Introducing you to a new era in health that is defined by YOUR genes.

The era of YOU and YOUR genes is upon us. This era offers exciting ways to explore your health through a connection between genes and the food you eat. At the Genomic Kitchen, we translate this 21st-century health intelligence into a new understanding of

  • Which food to eat
  • Why you should eat it
  • How to prepare it to deliver the best “return On ingestion” (R.O.I.).

We offer carefully curated online courses that provide you with cutting-edge insights into the science of nutrigenomics (how food talks to your genes) and how to translate that science into your kitchen (culinary genomics) in simple and flavorful ways. Whether you are a health-seeking individual or licensed healthcare professional, our courses guide you through this brand new world of food-gene connections.